Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Week 3
All of my kids are involved in swimming right now.
We somehow ended up at lifetime fitness..
I don't exactly remember how.
But it was fate.
We love their aquatics facility.
It's clean, it's nice, and their staff is unbelievable.
So so so good!

Tate is actually in kind of a rough spot right now.
She has so many blessings.
She has a great school life.
Lots of  great friends
Does well in school
Has lots of family that love and adore her.
But we also found out a couple of months ago that she has Juvenile Degenerative Disc Disease.
Which sucks.
Her back is already starting to have bulged and slipped discs. 
It scares me to death.
The doctor told me to stay off the Internet and I sure wish I would have listened to his advice. 
People that have bad back problems... It's not good.. 
We are going to do everything we can to keep her body really strong and healthy so that she can always live a happy, normal life. 
Which means.
She swims twice a week with her  private coach Sara.
Who is such an angel.  A blessing straight from heaven to Tatum. 
She has recently started to swim on their USA swim team...
Tatum has always been a beautiful swimmer.
She has a swimmers body, and a natural talent for it.
But no passion for it. 
It also means no more all star cheer.
To say that quitting cheer has been total heart break is an understatement. 
For both of us. 
But in the big scheme of things
We will survive.
We have so much to be grateful for, and I know that God has a plan and a reason for everything.
I know that that seems a little dramatic to say..
But seeing your child hurt and struggle is beyond any pain so you have ever personally experienced.
It's gut wrenching.
We will be fine.

Baby sis has come a long way in her fear of water.
She loves playing and splashing and crawling and kicking.
Which are all a big step up from when we started.
She can even blow bubbles in the water!

Baby Jack.
This crazy little monkey is soooo close being able to swim on his own that it is unreal!
He loves to swim under water with his goggles on.
He can move his "gator arms" and kick enough to propel himself unassisted through the water.
He just needs to learn to tread water to keep himself afloat.
It's so fun to watch!
The babies teacher is actually the head swim coach at a local high school.
I love that they are being taught to swim by someone that actually, really knows how to teach swim.

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