Sunday, January 11, 2015


Sienna is all girl
All things babies, and clothes, and princesses, and make up.
Her favorite Christmas present were her little lip glosses. 
She calls them "wips"
She got into my makeup this week for the first, of what I can only assume, will be many times.
She has become so dainty and feminine.
Her little hands are just so sweet, and her little legs, and bummy, in undies.
(she gave us a nice little Christmas present this year and potty trained herself)
(maybe she felt bad for us because we decided not to get each other anything this year.)
What a sweetie.
I die.
She is the cutest little stinker.

Tatum is really growing up.
The stage of life that she is in, confirms to me that I am indeed done having children.
Not because she is naughty or awful,
Just the opposite.  I am (after a rough couple of years!) Really really enjoying her!
 It's because I worry way too much.
If I have any more children I may actually be the very first person who's death certificate says
"Worried to death."
Having toddlers is one thing.
And it is hard.
But at lease they are in my very protective bubble. 
Under my control, my command, and my influence all day every day.
That end's way to soon. 
Adult children? 
Forget about it.
I want to forget all about what is coming.
Tatum is right on the edge adulthood in so many ways.
I can't protect her anymore.
I can't make her decisions for her.
I can't take away her pain with a bandaid or a kiss.
And to be honest, it kills me.
I think and worry about her and the details of her life way to much! 
Her positivity, and level head never ceases to amaze me.
She's going to do big things, that girl.
She's had a few hard life experiences the last few weeks, 
and I couldn't be more proud of her.
Baby Jack

Day time sleeping Jack is a rare occasion.
He happens to be sick today, which is why I was able to snap this gem of my little buddy.

 He quit taking naps around August of this year when he started preschool.
He's actually not at all moody without a nap, just extremely exhausted and unfocused by about 5.
Keeping him awake from 5:30 -7 is a full time job some days.
If he makes it past 7:30 he has a second wind that is seemingly endless.

I love this sweet little boy and his sweet teeth, and sweet lips, and sweet hands.
He is full of sweet this one.
I'm so grateful that he is mine. 

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