Wednesday, January 7, 2015


I loved looking back a couple of years ago when i did a photo a week of my kids. So. I'll give it another shot. We all know that it won't last long, but just what if I prove all of us wrong?! 
What if I do this every week for 52 weeks? 
If that happens, you can consider me a Kardashians, because the world will be my oyster for no reason at all!
 I'll be able to accomplish anything if I can do this!
 Here we go. 

Week 1. 

My Children's apparel.

No matter what I dress this girl in, she always changes into something 
A. Holiday related.
 B. Princess related. Or 
C. Cat related. 
Socks never match. And hair is always pulled out. 

Always ends up too hot and nakes.  
 He prefers his undies too small, inside and out, and backwards.
 I'm not lying.
Maybe he doesn't prefer them that way, necessarily, but that's how they always end up. 
And he's fine with it. 
So am I. 

Tatum - as unnerving as the other two about their clothing and style, this is the one that drives me the most crazy! Black fingernails. Weird rings. Plain t shirts. And black hoodies. 
When did she start being old enough to drink Diet Coke?
Why oh why can't she be preppy? She always looks like she's on her way to a Depeche Mode concert. 
I just want to curl her hair, and dress her in ruffles. Or. At least some color! But. She seems to be doing okay in life. So, I'll just let her keep on keepin on..... I'm old. That's what it is.. Isn't it? I'm old.  I never knew this day would come so quickly. 

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