Thursday, March 21, 2013

Tatum turns 11

My big baby turned 11.
It is such a strange thing having a child this old.
I feel far too young to have a daughter this old.
 I feel too old to have 2 babies.

This 10-11 year has been a trip.
Besides a new school, new house, and new baby, Tatum has kind of transitioned into a new girl.
She's old now.
Like. Were friends, old.
Don't get me wrong. We fight like the dickens. Often.
Who says dickens.
But this girl does love her mama.
And I sure love her.
We tell secrets, and giggle. and she tells me I'm old and don't know anything.
Its all I had hoped for.
I just didn't expect it so soon.
There are hard times in the 5th grade.
While I am MORE than thrilled to be living in Salt Lake county, it is quite different than Utah county.
Maybe we would have had these same changes had we stayed in Lehi?
Maybe it's a 5th grade change? Not a county change?
But anyways, the people here are darling.
We have met so many new friends, and neighbors.
Everyone is so kind and friendly.
We couldn't have asked for a better moving transition.
The thing is.. This year. The kids. They have facebook. Instagram. I phones!!
Extracurriculars are getting to be $100.00+ per month dancing/gymnastics/cheer/SOFTBALL?!
And theres no break from anything.
I remember coming home from 5th grade at least once a week in tears from all THE PRESSURE!!
"So and so had a birthday party and didn't invite me."
"Talia and Abby are having a sleepover"
"Sam is going out with Tara and Kaylene and ME!!"
"Colette and Alayna made best friend t shirts"
"Those stupid girls called me April O Neil from channel 6 news again when I was walking home!!"
Ive never pretended to be anything but a headcase okay?!
I could go home, vent, and clock out of the 5th grade for a solid 6 hours.
Refuel with nothing but positive affirmations from my mom.
And, make sense of the world with a double dose of "Saved by the bell" of course.

I really wouldn't have survived this life without my mom.
She was right.  She REALLY WAS all I ever needed.

I hope that Tatum believes me when I say that, and feels that same way one day.

The good thing with Tatum is, she's much cooler than I was.
She's confident and happy.
We most certainly have our melt downs though...
Only 2013 5th grade meltdowns are different.
Social media really has changed everything about the way we raise our kids.
Instagram tells a play by play of eveyones day AFTER 3:30
Who walked home with who.
Who had a sleep over Friday night
Who's having birthday party
How many likes did my picture get?
Look at how many likes SHE got!
Am i going to hurt someones feelings with this post?
Am i going to hurt someones feelings with this pic?

Rating calls are goners. Which is so sad..
Who remembers anonymous rating calls?
Before caller ID? Or *69?!
Who remembers *69?!

A quick facebook message asking who likes who is totally acceptable to these kids!
Holy Cow!
No holds barred!

And not to mention all of the apps to keep up on.
Kik, voxer, snapchat, whatsup, pinger.
It's a full time job to make sure that she is sending and recieving appropriate, and kind exchanges.
It's exhausting.
There is never a clock out time.
The refueling time is minimal.  I have to make it count!
Even though I do limit her time, we are constantly plugged in over here.
It's always on her mind.

And while it's impossible to keep up with everyone, and everything.
Even though Tatum IS THE ONLY ONE IN HER CLASS  that doesn't have a cell phone!
We know how to throw a birthday party around here.
It's one of my things.
 I want my kids to always remember their birthdays being special.

I do birthdays.

Much to Ryan's dismay.


Actual Birthday Morning.
Way to old..
Black Light Birthday Party!
So so fun!

Neon Girls

Birthday Wishes!

This is what she gets for never smiling...
Love you Tate!
So.. I made a "photobooth" in our basement, and set up our camera on a tripod, then got out our 2 huge bins of costumes, and props..

I  really could have saved my time and money and just had this portion of the birthday party.
It was a huge hit.. The girls loved it, and were less than worried about the backdrop, or camera positioning.. 


CHOKE UP ON THAT SHOT GIRLS!  THIS IS A P-H-O-T-O-B-O-O-T-H! this is my wedding dress from when I married Eric...
Divorce perk?
Moving on..

I brought up an extra mattress and let the girls take over my room for the night to watch Wreck it Ralph in 3D.
We've never used our 3D TV.
Because those stupid dollar a peice paper stupid glasses are NOT FOR A 3D TV.
Duh old mom!

Breakfast the next morning

I rest my case..

Bring it on teen years.  I'm ready for ya!


  1. awe :) BTW That is a COOL party idea! :) <3 You're a good mama! I look up to you, ya know :) <3

  2. Wow! :D You totally rock thanks for the party idea. :D She is one lucky girl! I hope she had a blast and can not believe she is 11 already. Where has the time gone. ((hugs))


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