Monday, March 18, 2013

A photo a week of my kids.. Week 2

I made it to Week 2.

Sienna had to have 2 photos this week.
Because she was twice as cute this week as she was last week.
She is out of control with cuteness this one.

 Sticking her tongue out
and holding her own chew toy.
Full of party tricks lately..
Naughty little Jack.
He wont stay out of the baby swing.  
It's his favorite place lately. 
Too bad he wouldn't stay in there when I really needed a nap roughly 2 years ago..
And Tatum.
Instagram queen of selfies..
But in fairness.  All 11 year olds are.
So if you follow Tatum and think she's a selfiemcselfsalot.
You should follow the rest of her friends.
It's a 5th grade thing.
You wouldn't understand...
She hacked my instagram and uploaded this photo of herself.
This is really the only place we get some quality time together.
In the car.
Its our  very favorite visiting spot.

Added Bonus:
JackJack photobomb.

I can't get over these children.
They make me happy beyond belief.


  1. Your family is too cute. I love them all.

  2. Adorable kids of course. Cute pics!


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