Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Jack

Holy Cow..
I can't believe he's 2.
That was like, way fast.
This kid.
He is something.
And he had a birthday party.
Let's look at some pictures from it.

 Give me a break lady killer.
Could he be any sweeter?
Look any sweeter?


Cute Grandma Geniel and Sienna Geniel

 Party Guests.

Kalei and Dave

 Aaron, Grandma, Mir, Sage Maddox, Landon Kasey and Jack

Afterthought family pictures..

I really like the outtakes.
Because let's be honest..
That's all were gonna have for at least the next 5 years.
Maybe longer as our little kissy face Tate is almost as tough to get a picture out of as the babies.

 After party re group.
The toy story cast was a real hit this year. 
So.  I was wanting to write down everything 
I can think of about this little guy. 
 Because I think we can all agree that toddlers is really where its at.  
I mean. 
In all aspects. 
Ups and downs
Cutes and uglies.
Funnies and not one bit funnies.
It is a fun stage.
All of my kids are at fun stages in one way or another.
I hope i always feel that way.
Although, i sure as crap don't feel that way all day every day.
Actually after 5:00 pm I generally don't feel that way at all until about 9:30 when they are all asleep, and I am saying my prayers. 
Then I remember that they are fun again..

About Jack
So.. In order to remember his little quirks I'm just gonna do a quick run down on our day to day life.
I've already forgotten so much about him that it breaks me.


Jack wakes up with a FULLY loaded diaper.
Every. Single. Morning.
He yells CHOO CHOO SHOW from his crib until we go and get him.
Upon picking him up from his crib he demands his 2 gankies, cars gankie, his bear, and gary his giraffe.
It's a little tricky to change his load while he's hugging all of that stuff.
After he's changed he says showshowshowshowshowshowshowshow
until we take him into our room and let him watch sprout for a while.
He requests his morning life source. ie pediasure by making this noise....
Two slurping noises and a big swallow followed by very satisfied ahhhh sound.
That means he's thirsty
I know you can't hear it.  But it's cute.  
Jack has really just started talking in the last couple of months.. So a lot of his communication is still whatever he has been able to come up with to survive.  
I've been praying he would talk for over a year now, and now that he is I miss his improvisions like crazy.  
He used to say MMMMmmmmmmmm (like yummy?) (ya know) MMMMmmmmm
when he was hungry..
After he finishes his drink he runs in his rooms and plays on his train table for basically the rest of the day, while intermittently running into my bedroom to see which "show" is on.
He likes the TV on, but rarely sits still long enough to actually watch it.
If Doc McStuffins is on, you better watch out because a fit is gonna come..
But Sofia the first is okay..
You have never met a more train crazy little boy than this one.
He runs around the house yelling CHOO CHOO all day.
And the cute little rope tug that he does with his pudgy arm is heart wrecking.
While playing with his trains,
he lines them up side by side first.
Then he attaches them end to end by their magnets, and then starts all over. 
If you ask him to point out any one train (where's thomas, where's emily, where's cranky)
he can do it with 100 percent accuracy.
He has over 40 trains. He loves them all, but Spencer and Toby are his favorites. 
He's just started to love Cars, and Toy Story also.

Then we put our baby sis down and we go take a bubblebathbubblebathbubblebathbubblebath.
I (sometimes) get ready for the day while he plays and makes as big of a mess as he can in the bath tub with his choo choos.
 He refuses to sit down so usually ends up with a bonked head and I end up with an ulcer by the end of bath time.
Even if we can avoid those two such dramatic events a bath never ends well. He hates getting out.

At about 11 am he starts getting pretty grumpy and we start getting ready for a nap.
I sing skidamirink a dink a dink to him while he drinks a cup of milk.
He calls his sippy cup a baba still.  Even though hes been off a baba since right after he turned 1.
I put him in his crib with his 2 aden and anais gankies, his cars ganky, beary and gary.
After I leave he plays in his crib anywhere from an hour to two hours before he falls asleep.
It's crazy and makes for some pretty entertaining monitor watching. (technology!!)
He sleeps on his back with both arms behind his head.

After waking up from his nap, he yells showshowshowshow a few hundred more times.
I go get him, change his second load of the day.  Again with 2 gankies, cars ganky, gary and beary on his lap.

I make him approximately 15 different lunches while he literally gags, or very innocently says "No?" to each one.
Upon me tearing my hair out, he brings out a box of cereal, dumps it on the ground, and has lunch.
Lately hes been wanting "coccorn."  
I figure its a whole grain and call it a W.  
Plus I buy the "light butter" kind. 
So 2 bags of popcorn a day around here it is. 
The kid will not eat anything. 

Then we play trains some more.
choochoochoo CHOO! CHOO!

If something happens that gets him into trouble and I slightly raise my voice at him, or give him a stern sideways look, he sticks out his bottom lip as far as he can and positively crumbles into one million pieces.
Then he says very sadly through a quivering lip, and chattering teeth
His grey eyes, and long eyelashes almost burst me at the seams. 
There is no question to the depth of his heart brokenness when he pierces you with that look.
At that point I apologize to him, because it was just uncalled for to get mad at such a precious soul for doing something like spitting vitamin water on our baby sis.
What doesn't kill her makes her stronger I remind myself...?

He's not very forgiving this one.  
Auntie Steph once tried to put him in a cubby of our entertainment center 
(he was trying to do it himself!  She was just helping)
And she is still dead to him. 
She even gave him a can of frosting and all of her kids Halloween candy as a peace offering and it didn't work.  They used to be the best of friends. 
Something similar must have happened between he and Miranda in the pre existence.
He's still majorly pissed at her for it too.

He's kind of turned into a big time mommy and daddy's boy.  
He used to be down to party wherever we were.  
Now not so much.  He's got some healthy anxiety going on.
It's healthy.  I'm sure of it.
I think he's just a little socially backward since he's only left the house like 3 times since Christmas when he and Sienna were both in the hospital.
I mean, I know its had its affects on my mental well being.

Jack loves to skype with his Grandparents.
He loves when he hears calls coming in and runs to the computer as fast as he can.
On of his first words was Papa.  
I can't tell you why.  
While he's got some wonderful Grandpas, they are all pretty scary, and don't have anything on the Grandmas that we have been blessed with.  But he loves them more than all of us.  So. Whatevs. 

When our big sis gets home she knocks on the door and jack runs real real fast to look out the side window and wave at her.
That's the only means of transportation Jack knows.  Running real real fast.
When Tate goes up to her room, Jack follows, and tries as hard as he can to find an unattended pen, marker or crayon to write on some walls with.  Somehow there is one up there 100 percent of the time.
Then he quick throws a remote or something into the fish tank.
After deeming his work there done he then comes back downstairs to play trains and quick run into my room to see what's on the tube.

Then I make 15 dinners.

When Daddy comes home, Jack runs as fast as he can  into the open arms of his cute little dada. 
Ryan has  been waiting for that moment for a long time now, and the effects of it never ever get old.
They wrestle and run and tickle and scream.
That's not just a blog lie because I'm painting a pretty picture of my life.  
Ryan and Jack are great playing companions. 
That's because their attention spans are the same.
So see?  Life isn't perfect.
But Ryan is a great daddy that loves to play with his boy.
And this boy L-O-V-E-S his daddy..
(but not as much as me)

So then, after I give Ryan a run down on what Jack wouldn't eat that day,
Ryan makes Jack an Eggo, drowns it in syrup and feeds it to him.
Then he looks at me like See?  He eats?! He's fine!
Ya. Well.  I guess I could have just given him that bag of Oreos up in the pantry.
You're right.,
But so.
 They go get in our bed. 
Do some sprout stretches
Watch a showshowshowshow
Drink some baba
and then Ryan puts him in bed.
With 2 gankies, cars ganky, beary and gary...

Love you JackJack.
Thanks for coming to our family 2 years ago.


  1. Just got through reading this.. and heard jj down the hall.. very concerned.. "MaMA? Mama? MaMa?".. you left out that real cute part that he gets real nervous when he can't see his mama.. he is a mama and dada kid for sure. I can't wait til he talks and tells me what I did so wrong. Love you jackjack.

  2. Such cute pics I can't believe how big he is getting!!! It just seems like yesterday he was born. :)


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