Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Halloween 2012

Our Halloween festivities were a little sparse around here.

We did eek out some sugar cookies
 Jack Jack played with pumpkins
 But had absolutely NO interest in touching the nasty insides.
 Tatum really enjoyed it though..
 Finished products...
Can you see my arms in the background spreading a blankey out over my lap in my recliner?
I live in the recliner.
A purchase that I insisted on having, and have logged so many hours in that I could care less if it fell out the window.
Well... In a few months anyways..

 Ryan bought the babies some Halloween clothes!  NOT FROM THE DI!  
Which obligated me to dress them up, brush my teeth, and travel all of us down to his office to surprise him in their new stuffs.
 Jacks refuses to look at a camera and smile.  
 Annd.. I forgot to take a picture of Sienna until bath time. 
I'm not just a tacky mom that uses towels in the place of softy blankys.. 
 On Halloween day, we were mixing up the candy bowl, and Jack had himself a hayday.
 Getting ready to head out trick or treating..
 We did attempt to get a few decent pictures..
Tatum was an angel, but as she had attended two Halloween parties before Halloween,
 she had lost half of her outfit.. Including her wings and halo.. 
Which just made her a girl in white.
Sienna was a bee.
Aaannddd.. Apparently, I was Dolly Parton.
Hey Jack!  
Look at Mama!!! 
Not gonna happen..
At least we got a smile from the cutest little bear ever.

Who.. Trick or treated at exactly 1 house before he did this..
 Sat down
 Cashed in his hood
Squealed with as much delight as a little boy can
 And called it a night..


 You would think the 10 year old would be the dependable one for a family picture.

So.. After we trick or treated at 3 houses in our circle
Ryan took Tatum and her friends up to a "money" neighborhood 
and then we gave Jack his Halloween bath.
My sister Kasey gave me the fun idea of taking a bath in the dark, with glow sticks.  
It was way cute, and Jack loved it.
I could not figure out how to take a good picture.
You get the idea.

All in all our Halloween festivities were just fine.
I was worried about having a newborn, and being able to make good, fun memories for Jack and Tate
But, with the combination of a nice baby, and great weather we were able to make out okay.



  1. You are seriously the best looking Dolly that I have every seen! lol - miss seeing you!

  2. Great idea with the glow sticks! Super cute pics too! :)


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