Sunday, October 14, 2012

Little Tiny Miss Sienna

After a great name debate:
I bring you a post dedicated to one little teeny tiny
Ever, Berkli, Drue 
Sienna Geniel Pond
The top left picture was taken Sat. Oct. 6
Exactly one week later, the rest were taken. 
So crazy...
On October 8, 2012
(while my mother was on a beach in MEXICO!)
What happened was this:
1. I was snuggling with my Jack
2. He scratched his face and it started to bleed, so I jumped out of bed super fast to get a rag.
3. I thought such sudden movements made me pee my pants
4. While getting ready for the day I kept on peeing.. A little bit at a time
4.5 I started to suspect that my amniotic fluid was leaking.. Not totally broke, but leaking.
5.  I called everyone, made Ryan hurry home from work, and dropped Jack off to Steph
6. I went to Wal Mart to get a camera card, but got to embarrassed to walk to the back of the store because I was leaking everywhere.  I decided that was a job for Ryan who was not leaking anywhere.
7. I went to Labor and Delivery at Riverton Hospital.  
They did several tests to see if the fluid was amniotic fluid.. All came back negative.  
They looked at me like I was crazy, and had in fact been peeing my pants all morning.
8.  My nurse told me to go for a walk to see if I could produce more "fluid"
9. When i went to stand up, my water broke.  All over. Everywhere.
10. Finally, at 12:00 pm They admitted me
11. Started some pitocin
12. Got an epidural (somewhat)
13. I pushed for 30 seconds
14.  And at 3:24 pm I gave birth to THE sweetest 5 pound 14 ounce, 18 inch long, little baby bird.
15.  I got one O-N-E stitch!
15.5  Delivery and Recovery of a 5 pounder beats the pants off of 8 pounders.
 Apparently we do a lot of the same photos on birth days.

I sooo wish I had the pictures of Tates birth.. 
I mean, I have them, but they are crusted to a "scrapbook"
That was in the dark ages.
Before digital photos.

 A few pics of my hospital stay..
 My babes visiting..
Jack just wanted to eat my hospital food, and escape.

 Tate wanted to eat my hospital food and play with my bed.
 Sienna wanted to suck her thumb and watch Ellen.
Hospital goods:
Blankie made by Auntie Mir
Art made by JackJack
Flowers and Duckie from Autnties Mel, Lisa, Steph, BJ, and Paige.
Love my friends.  Love em. 
 Does anyone else think these little foot prints at the hospital are darling?

 At home:
We loved Sienna for her teensy little legs
 Oogled about her cuteness over and over and over
 Bee on her bum..
Can she be any more precious? 

 On Wednesday when I got home, Miranda took Jack to Logan to spend a few days with Ryan's parents.  
The above pics are when he arrived home on Saturday...
I cried to see him go.  For a long time.
On Thursday, Tate went to her dads for the weekend. 
Again, I was sad.
But, I'm not gonna lie.
It was so nice to have a few days alone with our new little sweetheart.
To hold her, and snuggle her, and smell her.
To kiss her little butt chin over and over.
To spend quality uninterrupted time with her.
And to not be torn between the needs of 2 babies, and 1 pre teen. 
It was nice
She is so so so sweet.  She hardly ever cries... KNOCK ON WOOD SO HARD!!
She just sleeps and sleeps and eats and poops..
Tatum and Jack just cried and cried and ate and pooped.
I hope we keep this trend up.
She is dreamy. 
And sweet.
And smells good
And has lots of sneezes, and hiccups.
And darling.
And so so teeny tiny.
So SO So Soo tiny.
And so stinking cute.
I just love her to death.
I can't say it enough.
She is just dreamy. dreamy. dreamy.
So far, she is my favorite infant..
And unless Tatum and Jack can produce a good explanation for their behavior the first 4 months of their life, they are just going to have to deal with that.
Sienna Geniel is a dream.
I love her. 

I am not going to lie though.. Not everything is dreamy.

For one thing, I do get a little of the baby blues..
I worry so much about each of my kids for different reasons.
I want to be able to take Jack to the park, and swimming, gym.. I can't..
I want to hold Sienna ALL DAY LONG!, My VERY LAST BABY!!... I can't..
I want more quality time with Tatum, like we used to have...It doesn't exist..
I want to stay connected with my husband....We both have our plates very full at the moment..

And when you have the baby blues, all of this stuff seems like, more stressful and sad than 
Greys Anatomy

But, today, I am feeling better.
I feel good, and I am looking forward to our adventure.
I am determined not to let my nuttiness get in the way of enjoying this special time in all of our lives.
Each day is special.
 Not just with the babies, but with Tate too.. She is at such a crucial time in her life.
I know I am totally neurotic, and that will get in my way sometimes, but at least I know that, and can do my best to relax and let the small things go.
Plus, my husband is a great cheer leader.
Even when he is a little scared because I can't quit crying.  And can't give a reason as to why..

 Together, we are really going to relish in this time that we will miss one day.
It makes me cry again to think about that...

A few things that I WILL NOT MISS:
Hamburger nipples.  Seriously.   Raw raw raw hamburger.
That weird line up your abdomen
Heavy heavy jugs the size of an apartment that make a shower less than enjoyable.
I should invent a waterproof bra!! That is genius!!

And of course

This guy...


  1. I love you..and her. hang in there!

  2. Awww Ape Im so happy for all of you. Your blogs make me cry laugh & smile all at the same time. You are an amazing mother, person, & relative!! I cant wait to meet your new addition and see Jack-Jack and let Jasha & him play and spend some time with Tatum-bug. I sure do miss her && all of you.

  3. Tiny,quiet, delicate, perfect little Miss Sienna will soothe mom April into a place of serenity and allow her to function & interact wild mand and pretty pre-teen smoothly as on auto-pilot, validating her sucess with the happiness proect and being the one of a kind April, a true example of one who can and desires to and does do it all. And mom April has a truly awesome life partner to start the flow of it all off smoothly without rock or rapids.

  4. btw, burnt sienna was my least favorite crayon color in the crayola box so will try hard to think only of European Italians.... :D

  5. I love you! You are so strong and incredible! Baby Sienna is beautiful! I wish I could have another baby to relish in the moments you get to charish at this time!! It goes by way to quickly!! Cant wait to meet her in person!

  6. Your family is so darling April. Every single child you produce is golden. So cute! I agree with the last pic, nobody will ever miss that guy. P.s. my baby blues turned me into an anxiety OCD freakazoid(medical term) I had to get on meds when the doctor came to check on me & caught me cleaning my room & rearranging the furniture in the hospital. I also yelled at the cleaning staff for not doing a good enough job. Luckily they didn't speak English


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