Thursday, December 9, 2010

Darn It.

Last Saturday Tatum came out of her bedroom totally ticked off because she had found these snow pants under her bed.  She didn't know she had snow pants.  Why you ask?  Because nobody would have taken her outside to play in the snow around this house.  Ryan works super long hours and psshht if I'm gonna do it!
Darn it.
Isn't this the saddest thing?  Tatum happy as a lark all by herself. 
Really, kids need siblings.  While I am soo happy to be having this baby, it makes me feel so sorry for Tate. 
I wish I could have had this baby 5 years ago so that Tatum had a rowdy little brother is this pic with her. 
Kicking snow in her face, throwing icicles at her, possibly causing stitches..
Ya know, the good stuff.
While I am so blessed to have even one (and a half) healthy child(ren), its just sucky.
Its her that I am complaining for.  You always want the best for your kids, and while Tatum is spoiled to death, and has received tons of attention and material benefits due to being an only child,
I cant help but think how priceless siblings are. 
 Hopefully Jack will be able to catch up quickly. 
From damage this bruiser is doing to my tail bone and rib cage, I would say the odds of him causing her stitches at some point during this lifetime are pretty good. 
I hope she appreciate them.

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